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~Who We Are & What We Do~


is a free real estate note listing service.

List your note.  Let us make you a CA$H OFFER.  


A private promissory note secured by real estate (owner-finance or seller-finance note) - is a negotiable instrument that can be bought by OR sold to another party, usually a note investor.  If you sold a piece of real estate by offering a private mortgage, trust deed or deed of trust to the buyer and you, the note-holder, would prefer to have a lump-sum of cash instead of hoping to collect promised scheduled payments, consider selling your private note as a way to completely close the real estate sale transaction OR as a convenient cash-out option.

Do you want to sell your note?

If you are a private real estate note-holder and you want to sell your note, we will appraise your promissory note in terms of its present value and make you an offer. Our quote service is free. You are not obligated to accept. But if you think the offer is reasonable, with your cooperation, we can close the note assignment deal quickly and you can receive your CASH in a matter of days. 


-SELL YOUR ENTIRE NOTE ... SELL INTEREST PAYMENTS ONLY ... SELL PRINCIPAL ONLY ... SELL THE BALLOON PAYMENT PORTION OF YOUR NOTE ... NEGOTIATE PARTIAL SALE OF YOUR NOTE PAYMENTS - For example, If you have a 5-year (or 60 months) note, get cash by selling payments for 12 months ... It's YOUR Note Deal!!  Customize YOUR cash-out options to suit YOUR financial needs.

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