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Posted on May 11, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Good day!  Thank you for visiting this site.

Hope you are where you want to be.  We're certainly glad you came our way.   We are happy to present this Guest Blog Post presented by one of our business partners who is in the real estate note buying business.

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Hello,  My name is Lathea Morris

I’m a mortgage note broker and represent a few investors who buy performing and non-performing notes (NPNs). I am now ready to take on a few more buyers. I have a direct relationship with asset management firms, private note holders and bank reps. You must be a direct buyer/investor.

If interested, please email for my protocol or questions. If you send your acquisition criteria, I’ll let you know if I can meet your criteria or not.

Also, I’m looking for assets for a few of my buyers as follows:

Buyer A:
1. Property type: SF, Townhomes, Condo, Multi Family NPNs
2. States: CA, CO, FL, TX, GA, MS, NV, TN (not Memphis), VA, WY.
3. Minimum asset value: 50-100k 4. 30-55% depending on assets state and condition

Buyer B:

1. Property type: MF commercial NPNs
2. Minimum 20 units - No Max
3. Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan
4. Looking to spend .70 (actually looking to spend below .75)

Buyer C:
1. Property type: Residential NPNs
2. States: Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, and Jackson Mississippi....others as we determine good values
3. Minimum asset value: 50-120K
4. The maximum amount on the dollar you want to spend. <.50

** Buyers D: Residential & Commercial Performing Notes Nationwide

You must be the direct seller (Buyers will not buy at par – discounts only).

Thank you.

Lathea V. Morris, Principal

M& ~

Connect with me:

P. 973.509.1903 Ext 1#

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Treathyl FOX (aka CMoneyspinner), Co-Owner, CINEX Notes Services, Cedar Park/Austin Area in TEXAS, is a blogger and contributing writer for various online publishers. Click links below to read other articles she has published.

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